Saturday, September 20, 2008

So Michael & I have been married for one month now!!! Whoot whoot! So we thought it was a good idea to start a blog to keep everyone updated! So I thought i'd start from the beginning!!! Well...sort of the beginning. THE ENGAGEMENT!!! :)
Michael & I had been talking about possibly getting married, and had looked at rings a few times, so I knew it was coming but I had no idea WHEN it was going to happen! Anyways, so Michael took me out one night to one of my favorite restaurants...Asian Star! (The Walnut Shrimp is AMAZING) and then he took me up to a spot we had been with a big group up in the mountains, kind of by the point of the mountain! We pulled up and there was this huge bon fire blaring! (His brother & Sister had got it going for Michael!) We sat in the back of the truck with blankets and Michael pulled out this cooler asking if I wanted dessert! He pulled out my favorite juices, and a box of chocolates!
Looks pretty good huh?! :) Well I opened the box of chocolates and the first chocolate I pulled out was HUGE! After I pulled it out I realized what it was! (The ring box!)It is the one in the middle of the box...I couldn't even tell! Anyways, I didn't know what I was supposed to do with it so I put it up to my mouth slowly waiting for Michael to stop me, so I kind of brushed my teeth against it and then I just handed it back to him! At first he couldn't get it opened because it was too hard...:) so he put it by the fire and the chocolate melted a little bit and then he opened it up!
And the rest is history! So here are some more pictures from the most amazing night ever!!! :)

This is Michael leaving his house before the night! :) He's so cute!

This is before all the excitement began!!! :) As you can was SO cold!
This is the fire!...This was when we were almost ready to leave so it was really died down!

We were trying to get a picture with the view in didn't really work that well! But I still love this picture! Isn't he just adoreable!?!

Here is my ring! I LOVE it! It is perfect! He did good! :)

Here I am showing off my bling!...yes I know i'm a nerd!

Ah! So fun!

Ah ha ha ha ha! I LOVE this picture! (Yeah, I know...I love alot of them!) What?! I Love him!!!
When I took the ribbon off of the chocolates I put it around his neck! Ha ha. He is a nerd too! I love it! :)

This was at Michael's parents house after the fact!!! :)