Sunday, February 15, 2009

So I wanted to prove to everyone that I am truly sorry for being so bad at updating our blog! So I thought I would try to make it up and update you from the past! I have pictures from Valentines Day but I thought I would start with the oldest first! Don't worry, i'm almost caught up! Anyways, all of these pictures are from Colorado and from Christmas! We spent about a month in Colorado, two weeks at a time. Michael worked on an Oil Rigg, it was horrible work, but good pay! He was such a trooper for our family! We couldn't possibly had made it without him working so hard!
These pictures are from our living arrangements in Colorado! :) When we first went out there we were having a hard time finding a place to stay because we were only going to be there for two weeks on at a time for 4 weeks total! Most places wanted a year contract! In the search for a place to stay I ended up stumbling onto a website for a bed and breakfast! The owners were so nice and they graciously accepted us into their home! We stayed in a mother-in-law type apartment over the garage a few feet out from the bed and breakfast for the first two weeks. It was such a cute place and it was nice to stay at a nice place since I was basically home all day! The second two week period we went out we spent the first couple days in the actual bed and breakfast. The owners were letting some ladies from their church group use the apartment over the garage for a few days! So we were FORCED to stay in the Master Suite at the Bed & Breakfast! That was nice because it was sort of like a second honeymoon! The bed and breakfast was just beautiful and it felt more like we were on vacation! (Well at least for me!) The first pictures are from when we stayed for a couple days in the Bed & Breakfast and what it looked like! I miss having a big jet tub more than anything! So relaxing and nice!

I LOVED the shower at the Bed and Breakfast! It had two shower heads, it was really nice! That way you could be covered in water! It was hard to not take long showers!
We only had a mini fridge! It made buying and making food tough!

The bed was HUGE! I wish everyone could always get to sleep in something so big and cozy!
The fireplace and sitting area was really cozy!
We ate sandwiches the first day we were there! It was really hard to make them. The only counter space I had was that little round table.
This is pictures from the mother-in-law apartment above the garage! I loved it! It was just like our own little place and it was really fun! (Well at least for me!)
I liked the kitchen alot! It was really cute.
There were two beds! (So for all of you that didn't come visit, look what you were missing out of! You could have slept in this bed!)

This is the bathroom! It was so big and nice! Figures we would have to move from using this bathroom to ours now!
I loved the bath tub there! It was put to alot of good use!
This is us at Applebee's!
It was nice to have a date night out there!
Me and Taina!
Jennifer wanted to jump in too! They are such cuties!

We decided to do a kissy face and as I was taking it Jennifer decided Taina wasn't doing it right! :)
We were trying to pull different faces!

They wanted to try and take a picture without my help!

The little kid in the superman pajamas is Gavin! I just love him!
This is Mary Lyn, Lindsey, and Gavin! He is such a cute kid!
You can see Michael in the back! He was SO proud! He wrapped it ALL BY HIMSELF!

This is the Christmas tree!
Isaiah was nice enough to help me unwrap such a big present!
This is me opening my keyboard! (Eli is in the back!) The bow was so huge!
I was unaware that this picture was being taken! I was in the middle of a jam session!

Michelle and I decided to model our PJ's! Ha ha. I am glad my mother-in-law can be a goof with me!
Christmas was SO much fun!

Yep, i've had model experience!

I LOVE my keyboard!...and my JAMMIES!

This is Michael and I at Zsa's one night while we were living there! This is the ONLY picture that we have at Zsa's as proof that we lived there, so I thought I would put it up! Thanks for letting us be your roommates for a little while Zsa! It was so much fun to be able to see you everyday! You are the best grandma and we both love you very much!

This is Michael on his First Day of School! Such a cutie!
I just HAD to put this picture on here! I will always walk into our room and Michael is just sitting like this all cuddled up! So I just had to snap a picture!So I chopped my hair! It has been a love/hate decision! Some days I like it, some days I hate it! As of today, I am wishing it was long! Before I cut it I noticed everyone's cute short hair do's! But now, all I notice is everyone's pretty long hair and all the things they can do with it! :( But here are some pics!

This was last week when I went to BYU and ate dinner with Michael! I used to make dinner, pack it up, take it over, unpack it, heat it up, and then eat. But it got to be way too much work! So now if he absolutely has to stay, I just come eat at the Cougar Eat! Not too bad! :)

Friday, February 13, 2009

Deja Vu!

So this is a long overdue update from right before Christmas! I didn't have time to write by all the pictures, so use your imagination! :)
The night started out with us going to Sister Taylor's wedding! It was SO beautiful! And I LOVED her dress! It was SO beautiful. Anyways, here are a few pictures of the handsome couple dancing!
After the wedding Breana, Michael and I went downtown and went to the Garden for dessert and went to see the lights! Well of course, when we got there I decided I was hungry, and so was everyone else! So we ended up being daring and getting the fried pickles! We figured that we like pickles, and we enjoy fried food, so why not?! They looked really weird but they ended up being really good! Don't judge! It looks greasy, and it was...But come on! You'd try 'em too! :)We decided we would all get a dessert and share! So we got a chocolate cinnamon cake...Cream Brule...And mint brownies with ice cream! SO GOOD!Here we are at the Joseph Smith Building!This is one of my favorite pictures! The lights were so pretty!This picture IS my favorite! I love the way it turned out!
It was a little late by the time we finished with dessert and our pickles so as we were walking around a few of the lights started going off! The lights by the nativity started going out and so we came up with a funny idea for me to jump into the nativity and kneel down next to the lamb and snap a picture! But as soon as I knelt down, Michael decided to be funny and said in his loudest voice, "Excuse me Miss, Miss...Could you please get out of there. Excuse me Miss, Miss you're not supposed to be in there!" EVERYONE was looking at me! It was SO embarrassing! Thanks Michael!So I decided to kneel outside the rope the next time!
So I MADE Michael do something by the nativity! He wasn't so brave...
Breana FINALLY stopped laughing to snap the picture!

Don't Ask... Perfect End to a Nice Day!

Thanks for a great night you guys! I am so glad my two best friends get along so well!