Thursday, June 18, 2009

Part 1.

Alright, I am officially UPSET!  I worked so hard last week to start early and get my blog updated and our stupid internet wasn't working!!!  Dangit.  I think the person whose internet we were linking up to might have moved!  :)  So we might have to actually get our own wireless!  ;)  Anyways, I started from newest to oldest so the newest would be at the bottom.  Unfortunately, since our internet stopped working I haven't been able to load the other half on...and since I didn't want any threatening messages I figured I best get up the part that I have!  So enjoy!

Michael's sister MaryLyn Graduated!  Yay!  It is so weird to think it wasn't too long ago when that was me!  :)  Anyways, that is Wendy (the oldest), her daughter Jennifer, & MaryLyn!
MaryLyn, & Daniel!
Ha ha!  I LOVE THIS PICTURE!  This is Juliette our niece!  She is so chubby, it kills me!  We did angle her to show off just how chubby so her legs aren't normally like this but my gosh!

Ali, my good friend from High School had her birthday!  She was holding a pot holder and for some reason it was funny at the time!  She is a doll.
Pretty sure I owe surviving High School in one piece to this little gal!
So I won Kelly Clarkson tickets from 971 ZHT and I took Breana!  We went to Olive Garden first!  That is my all time favorite restaurant!  I cannot get enough of their breadsticks and Alfredo Sauce!  MMM!!!!

Worst picture taker EVER...oh well.

I talked our waitress into bringing us some Alfredo without having to pay the 5 bucks for it!  (That little bit of heaven is expensive!)

The best part of this picture is the girl to the left!!!!!  :)  I guess she was having a rough day!  Do you think we look alike?  I want to hear your answer in a comment!  I can never decide!  It seems to always be a different answer!
Pretty much as soon as the concert started it started raining!  So we were forced to sit down and open our umbrella and not be able to see for awhile!  We made it work!
She is such an amazing singer!  She is just as good live as her CD if not better!  It is people like her that really make me wish I had the ability to sing just a tiny bit!
The Screen Shot!
Proof we were there!  We had so much fun jumping around and just being goof balls!  I am so lucky to have such an amazing sister and best friend!
Breana gave us this T.V. stand thing!  We decided we wanted to paint it since our walls are WHITE too!  This is after Michael cut out the holes for our T.V. and cords!
He was STRICTLY instructed to not get me in the picture!!!
Painting away!  The color is pretty shocking right?!  I went back and forth forever!  I was really scared but it actually looks really cute done!  I will get pictures of the finished project up A.S.A.P.!
So I was cleaning the paint brushes in the tub after the second coat!  Except I forgot to pull the thing that makes it come out of the tub faucet instead of the shower head!  I got SOAKED!  Michael thought it was funny.
Soaking wet, freezing cold leg!

Michael's brother Daniel gave him a big box of steaks for his birthday, so we cooked some up!
What are these you ask?
Cake plates of course!
Breana and I made them!  I will figure out how to link to another site and post the tutorial!  It was fun and simple and CHEAP!  $2 for a cute cake plate!
Breana with hers!
Me and mine!  Notice the hammock in the back ground!  I can't wait to get that thing up!
A few pictures to leave you with a laugh!  This is our niece.  She really is SO cute!  Enjoy her cuteness!

Love her!

Hope things are going great for you!  I will try to get our internet fixed soon!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Only Way To Describe It...

HELLO! After calling the DMV 4 times yesterday to see if they had received my medical report, (so I could be cleared to drive) and after being told time and time again it hadn't come I finally accepted the fact that after waiting 3 LONG MONTHS I would not be able to drive for one more day! That might not seem like much to most of you, but because of that one extra day, I would have to get dropped off at work at 12 by Michael on his lunch instead of having a few more hours to do things and leave at 3 and drive myself! So I decided I would use that time to update our blog! (Good news for you!) Well, at 11:40 I decided to call just one more time before Michael would be home and we had to leave! To my shock and amazement they had not only received it but I had been cleared to drive! :) I was jumping up and down when Michael got home! After much thought, I decided the only way for you to really appreciate and understand what this feels like is through a picture.


SO.....I will not be updating our blog today! Sorry. But I am getting out of the house! I promise to update soon though!