Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Almost There

So I hope I have shocked each and everyone of you! That's right, I am updating our blog yet again! :) I am pretty proud. So my pictures are updated so i'm going to have to take some more for my next post.
Alot has been going on for Michael and I. We just moved into Wymount a few weeks ago, and we are absolutely loving it. It is alot of fun to be surrounded by so many people in the same boat we are, not to mention there are SO many cute kids! Which is great for me because I want a baby around to play with...but i'm not ready for one yet! :) So it's the best of both worlds.
We are almost done unpacking/organizing. Michael has been going through his stack of things. (For those of you who visited our last house and saw the room full of crates you know how excited I am about this!) Turns out I have a few boxes to go through as well.
am off tomorrow so I am going to be sanding down our t.v. stand and painting it! I will be sure to take some before and after shots!
We also went mountain biking together last week. Michael has done it for years but I had never been so we went for the first time. I got alot of cuts and bruises on my legs but it was alot of fun. We are going tomorrow so i'll have to update you on that.
Besides that, not too much. Here are the rest of the pictures from things that have been going on the last little bit.
This is a pic I snapped at Zsa's before the "big" moving happened. I just wanted to be able to remember what her house used to look like. She spent most of our time in this room.

You could always count on finding her in this chair! Cushion, heating pad, tissue, and remote right there with her! :)
This is the basement way back when before it was finished. I guess I should explain for those of you who don't know. Zsa (my grandma) moved in with my parents to help make things easier for her and so they could watch out for her and so my dad finished her basement so they could rent it out! Just didn't want anyone thinking she had passed! :)
More pics of the basement. These were taken after Britt and I swept and mopped the floor. That's why the floor is wet.

Michael and I went to a BYU baseball game! It was alot of fun! It was awhile ago and it hadn't quite warmed up yet!..so we had to do a bit more cuddling than normal! :)

Blue through and through...too bad they lost. Next time maybe.

The game lasted forever it seemed like. By the time it was over so was our night.

Couldn't get alot of pictures to turn agin. I will have to figure that out. But Michael was in charge of tileing the bathroom and storage room. Here he is working away. Boy was it dusty down there.

Isn't he cute?

Here is more pics of the basement. I got them mixed up a bit.

I will have to borrow Breana's camera and get the after shots up! Everything turned out so amazing. To be honest I didn't have too high of expectations for the little basement but I wanted to live there when it was done! Another home run for dad.

So because of my seizure I had to get a Sleep Deprieved EEG done. I basically had to stay up FOREVER (it seemed like) and then go in and they hooked all this crazy stuff up to my heaed to measure my brain waves and stuff. Michael thought it was important to get pictures of the whole thing. We got the results back and everything is fine! So hopefully the doc will sign me off to drive and i'll be 100% back to normal.
Please excuse my appearance. At this point I had not slept in a long time and there was no way I was getting ready to go in there.

Justina and Emily came and spent the night awhile ago. It was alot of fun. We watched movies and painted toe nails and did facials. It was alot of fun to hang out and have a girls night!
This is a shot of the fam getting dinner ready on a Sunday. Dad made lettuce wraps. They are Michael's FAVORITE! He talks about them ALL the time! They are really great.
Michael got to baptize our nephew Isaiah. He has alot of energy and it was a fun filled day.

I could hardly get him to stand still long enough to take a picture!

We are so proud of him for making the decision to get baptized!

Juliette got blessed that same day! She is the biggest chub I love it!

Michelle and Clyde waiting for things to get started.

Jennifer. She is such a cutie!

This is our sister in law Lindsay and Jennifer.

Before Britt and Joseph left for Texas we all got together for our last get together. It was good food and good times.

Amanda, Cody, and Justina.

Little Cuz!

Dal and Britt! Ha, you can always count on Dal to brighten your day.

Britt's family! Padre, Talisha, and Tyler! Britt's family is so amazing. We have gone over there alot for different things and they are so much fun! There's never a dull moment.

Britt and Joseph.

Ha ha ha. Ya gotta love Britt. We have so much fun!

I love this pic! She looks so guilty! Ha ha.

Britt's sandwich was HUGE! Ha ha. It is making me really hungry right now! :)

A few weeks ago all the girls from the Lindon Noah's got together and went out for reaching our sales goal for the month! We went to see Ghosts of Girlfriends Past and then to Iggy's for lunch! Tiff and I got there before everyone else so we goofed around outside! :) This is Tiff Do. She is a cutie!

Here we are at lunch! So fun!

Lori, Steph, (the boss woman!) me, and Tiff!
Our waiter decided to take a picture of himself. I decided to post it becuase he was the worst waiter I have ever experienced in my whole entire life!!!!!!! I am not even being dramatic! He didn't even bring us silverware and we waited for like an hour for our food to come out! Stupid dude. If you ever go to Orem Iggy's and he's your waiter GET OUT!

I found a few more pics from taken Jordan to the MTC. I really like this one. This is Dal counseling Jord before we got taking pictures. Those two are so cute together, Jordan looks up to Dallin so much and they are so fun together!

Two Peas in a Pod!

The guys.

He is so cute with little kids it's ridiculous!

A little something to remember this back side!
Ha ha. This picture kills me.
I LOVE this picture.
The whole Family!

One last pic of Zsa's! May it rest in peace. :)

That's all for now folks! I would just like you to know I will be doing alot better at updating this thing! We actually have the internet at our house so it's going to be alot easier! I wanna hear about your life too so keep updating! Does anyone have any intersting do it yourself decorating ideas!? I need some help! :)
Until next time...