Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I finally got around to making our sister-in-law Lindsey her birthday cake! Her birthday was clear back in December...I know. *Shame* She said all she wanted from us was a cake. We decided to not listen to her at all, but I wanted to make her the cake still since she specifically asked for one! December was so busy with Christmas and everything that I just couldn't get time to make her one. We have only seen them a couple times since then and they were finally coming up on a Sunday when I had Saturday night off to work on the cake!...I am still learning so I am pretty slow.
I decided to do a scrub top since she is a nurse! Whoot whoot! It's nice to have someone to call if I have questions I don't want to go to the doc for! :)
I decided to try and keep it a little simple. Michael pointed out I usually decorate the pan a lot more than the cake! :) Ha ha...it's true.
The fam! Yes I look a little weird. I didn't do my eyeliner. I will never make that mistake again. Michael's friend said to me more than once at church, "Are you tired?!" Not the most flattering thing but I learned my lesson! :)
Lindsey didn't want us to sing happy birthday to her since we already did in December...but we just had to! She got one candle right in the belly button! :) Happy Birthday awhile ago Lindsey! :) Stay tuned for pictures from Michael's Family Mardi Gras Party! I made the most amazing Chicken Spinach Artichoke Dip! Yum!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Awhile ago, we went with Michael's brother and his wife (Lindsay & Matthew) and his cousin and his wife (Scott & Hilary) to go sledding. The boys brought their snowboards. Lindsay and I went down the sledding hill a couple times but us girls spent most of our time watching the boys build a jump and then go off it. We tried really hard to get good pictures but it was sure hard. Here's what I managed to get.

I love this picture! Ha ha.
These pictures really don't give them justice. They are on their way down and the angle makes it look like a kinda small jump. But it was pretty big and then it dropped down lower than us!

The boys!
Afterwards we went to Olive Garden! Mmm! It was SO good!

So our friends Mike and Jo Nelle played a practical joke on us by putting this ugly thing on our doorstep! They made this to put in their yard for Halloween. We thought it would be funny to return it to them and make it a girl! We put lipstick, and eyeshadow, mascara, and blush! Ha ha. We had a lot of fun doing it and Mike and Jo Nelle loved it!
Awhile ago In-N-Out had their interviews at NOAH'S. They gave all of us workers gift certificates to get a free meal. Michael and I finally had time to use it! It was really good! The burgers were good, the fries were not so good, but the shakes were amazing! Michael & I decided we are going to have to search out the best burger in Utah!
Michael & I had an amazing Valentine's Day! I had to work on Saturday night so Michael & I went out to the Garden for dinner on Friday night. It was so much fun!
I am married to a nerd.
We of course got dessert. Michael got the chocolate cinnamon cake and mine was called the "Love Puff." Ha ha. I thought it was cute. And delicious!
Saturday morning we woke up and I wanted to make heart waffles so badly! It was a lot harder than I originally anticipated! :) We got really really close to actually making a heart and had to cut off just a few parts! It was a fun experiment!...next year we will have it perfected!
Sunday we got to spend the whole day together! It was so much fun! We are so busy on a regular basis that we don't really get much time to just hang out. It was just like when we were dating! :) We made dinner and watched The Time Travelers Wife. It was really good! Michael wrote me the sweetest card, of course it made me cry! Thanks for spending an amazing Valentine's Day with me Love! I love you!