Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Catching Up!

Well ALOT has gone on since I have blogged last and alot has happen that I have not blogged! So here I am repenting and trying to change my ways, so here is what you've missed!...
This is Michael and I on the way to Dallin & Britt's wedding! Oh boy, that morning was SO crazy! I couldn't find my temple recommend so we were calling the bishop all morning and then it turned out our old bishop hadn't sent our records over yet. Anyways, it was complicated! So that explains why my hair looks like that! :)
Here we are waiting for the lovely couple to come out!

Here is Joseph's with Brittany's bouquet! He was SO obsessed with them! He kept putting the flowers in every picture! Here is (almost) all the gang! Here are the flowers again! Little Zsa! So cute...with the flowers of course! (Thanks Joseph!)
Here's Britt waitin' for the happy couple! Gotta get the best shot!
AND HERE THEY ARE! :) Yep. I'm related to them! They looked so goregeous! Whoot Whoot!
And little Zsa again! There wedding was SO beautiful and so much fun! Unfortunately I was having too much fun and forgot to take pictures at the reception! Sorry. Look on Britt's page though!

So you must be wondering what the heck this picture is!!! :) This is my introduction picture to HALLOWEEN! This would be Jordan's costume! Unfortunately, he got too afraid so no one else saw it! Thank heavens for cameras! :) Anyways, but Halloween was really fun this year! Michael and I threw our First Annual Halloween Party! And a costume was required! We had so much fun planning it...(ok I did, but Michael enjoyed hearing about the plans!) And setting it up and seeing it all come together was so fun! I thought it turned out pretty well for our first Halloween Party!Here are some pictures of the big event!

Michael and I were Fred and Wilma Flinstone this year! It was SO much fun! I decided to make our costumes to save on money! But unfortunately I am not that good at figuring out how much fabric is needed so it ended up costing more than I expected...but the good news is if anyone needs some orange fabric, I am here for ya! :) It actually was a fun experience to try to work on my sewing skills!
My Little Cave Man! We dyed his hair back and then I went downstairs and I came back and THIS happened! He said it looked weird without his eyebrows be the judge! :)
Lindsay and Cody! They dressed up as eachother! Lindsay is pregnant so that explains the bump!
The centerpiece on the treat table!
Cody and Lindsay brought stuff to make Homemade Rootbeer! YUM! It was sooo good! And we had alot of fun playing with the dry ice! :) Ha ha.

This is our little island in our old kitchen! The bowl behind the rootbeer is punch Michael and I made! It was red and I got this cute idea on (love that website!) to do a jello hand in the punch! So we did a green hand so it would stand out!...Unfortunately, it did not work as planned. You couldn't really see the hand because the punch was too dark! Oh well. We'll know for next time! Other great news. See that ping pong table in the back! Well it was Michael's aunt and uncles but they did not want to come get it so when we moved we got to take it with us! Unfortunately, we probably won't be able to use it for years since we'll be living in apartments! And we're definitely not doing Michael's idea and using it for the kitchen table!
I made homemade Chili and (boxed) cornbread and we had lil' smokies!!! I love lil' smokies! I had never made them before but they were a big hit!
I am really proud of this! It' mint brownies! Michael and I made it together! :) He did the weird looking one on the left! :) But we were laughing so hard while we were decorating it! Plus they were yummy!
This is the treat table! I made (my favorite) rice krispie treats with mint chips!...try it. It's really good! And Britt Griffin the 1st brought that cake looking thing. It was really really good! Everyone loved it...I can't remember if it was spice of pumpkin but it was tasty!...Dangit. Now I want to eat some!
Preston and Tiana! (They are engaged!) I am pretty sure that was decided at our party! :) Ha ha. But Preston was "Tiana's Worst Nightmare" And he wore everything that Tiana hates! (i.e. jean shorts, socks with sandals, a puka shell necklace, a body armor shirt, and a jean shirt!) Ha ha. I thought that was really creative! And Tiana was Audrey Hepburn (is that how you spell that?)
An upclose of Michael and I! Michael made his club all by himself! He started making it in the morning out of a wrapping paper roll and paper machee' (I have no idea how to spell that!) But it wasn't drying quick enough so he stuck it in our OVEN! I thought for sure the house was going to burn down! I have to say thank you to Jordan who helped me spray paint my hair!...the next day it was a little redish but luckily it came out! Can you imagine if it didn't?!
Michael made my necklace for me while I did my makeup! He did a really good job!

Breana, myself, and Amanda. Breana was a cowgirl, because she bought boots to be one last year and hasn't worn them since! :) And Amanda was a fairy or a butterfly or something but at this point she had taken her wings off! :)
I HAD to put this picture on! When we went to Sunday dinner Michael's sister had let her kids wear their Halloween Costumes again so everyone could see them! This is our little niece Juliette! She was a ladybug! SO CUTE!

So Anyways, that is ALOT of what has been going on! I still have alot more but a girl can only spend so much time on the internet! But, I would like to say that everyone has been giving me alot of grief for not updating my blog for so long! But the last 6,239 times I have been on NO ONE has updated theirs! Come on now!