Sunday, September 19, 2010

Long Time Coming...

Hola! Yes, I know. It's been too long. I seriously have the har
dest time finding time to sit down and update this thing. I lovedoing it, and I think about it a lot, but things get busy! Anyways, I finally got some time so it is going to be picture overload...once again! The last couple months have been so much fun! I turned 21! Celebrated our 2 Year Anniversary!!! :) And had some great times with family and friends!

This year for my birthday we went with the parentals and Dallin and Britt to a restaurant called Fuji. It's in Sandy. It's comparable to Tempanyaki and it is absolutely amazing! We stuffed our faces and had a great time. Of course, we forgot to take pictures!

This is little Tater Tot! He is just the cutest.
My mom has made me the same birthday cake for about the last 7 years! It is my absolute favorite and I will probably continue to request it for the next 47 years! Mint Chocolate Ice Cream Cake. Chocolate Cake in between layers of mint chocolate ice cream with hot pink mint frosting!!! Mmm! Love it!
Mmm. Cake.
On the day of my birthday, my bestest friend Jo Nel came over and we spent the day together! She is such an amazing friend! She spent so much time and effort into making me feel so special and just having tonz of fun together! She gave me the cutest present with this on the outside. It made me laugh so hard (and cry a little too!) I am so glad I found such an amazing friend. We are seriously twinners. Love you!
She made me my own little birthday cake! Funfetti of course! Isn't she so hot! She is 31! Crazy. Seriously, my goal is to look that good when i'm 31! We'll see how it goes.
We went to our favorite spot. The Pizza Factory. Their salad bar is AMAZING!
We didn't know this, but they give you a free pizza in the shape of your age! It was so much fun! Can you imagine how much pizza you would get when you turn 88 or 100? Ha ha.
When it came time to blow out my candles, we realized we didn't have any birthday candles. So we pulled these out! :)
Cute Michael.
That night we had a Singles Ward Talent Show to go to. It was so much fun. I took lots of pictures but I decided to just put some of my favorites up! This is Jesslyn and Ben. They sang an Ingrid Michaelson song. Of course I loved it.
I can't remember this kids name (Michael would know) but he did different rap songs and had everyone sing a long! Ha ha. It was so funny!
At Sunday dinner, my mom and Dallin started this game trying to blow out the candle from the furthest spot. Don't worry, there were rules and they played for quite a while. It was so fun to watch.
Little Tate. :)
The next Sunday we went over to Michael's parents. They had a tree that needed picking, so of course Michael got a ladder out and the kids were LOVING it.
Especially Juliette. Ha ha ha.
Cute little Tate again. I can't get enough.
Dallin and Britt came up to take me to my Birthday Ice Cream date to the creamery! :) It was seriously so much fun. There is never a dull moment with them. This picture really makes me want ice cream and especially a home made waffle cone! The Creamery has the best ones ever! Dallin was feeding Tate so Britt was holding his ice cream too and she just looked so dang cute I had to take a picture! :) Love you Britt.
For our 2 Year Anniversary, Michael surprised me and recreated our first date! It was so sweet and so much fun! It was fun to be doing the same things and talk about our feelings and emotions then and now. It was fun to be in the same situations and feel flirty and fun! :) It has been such an amazing 2 Years and I wouldn't trade it for anything. Michael takes such good care of me and we have a lot of fun together. I love you babe.

We went to Park City and rode the Alpine Slide and Roller coaster! Seriously, so much fun!
The chair lift. We didn't do this on our first date! :)
Right before I wasted Michael down the track. Ok, not really. But I put up a good fight this time. It was decently close. :)
They had a little snow cone place so we stopped and got one and cooled off for a bit.
I forgot how much I love snow cones! I seriously couldn't remember the last time I had had one!
About to go on the Roller-coaster. I LOVE this thing! You can't fly off so you can go as FAST as you want! Michael was a little scared! On our first date, I had huge butterflies in my stomach sitting this close to him! :) It was fun to relive it!
On our first date, we went for a walk before dinner. Michael wasn't hungry, and back then I didn't tell him that I was! :) Ha ha. This time we made the walk a little shorter! We walked past all these funny random sculptures!
I was posing and then Michael started to take a picture so I got embarrassed and moved. But trust me, this was funny.
Aren't these so random? I hope they weren't very expensive! :)
At dinner. We went to Bandit's Grill & Bar. It is SO good. I have a hard time saying what my favorite restaurant is, but it is definitely high up on the list.
Look at that food. You know you're jealous.
On our first date, Michael took me back to his parents house because they had an amazing view! They have since moved so he took me to another place that had a good view. It was so cute of him to think of it and it really meant a lot. It was nice to just relax and spend a fun day together. I love you so much!
A couple weeks ago, our friends Nate and Nikki invited us to go to the Boyz II Men concert at the State Fair! It was SO much fun! They are such great performers and have perfect harmonies!

Nikki is 4 months pregnant. I wish I would have taken a picture of her belly! She is TINY. She looks so good and we are excited to meet their little one! They will be the best parents.

NOAH'S participated in a Bridal Fair at the South Towne Expo Center. Our Marketing guy asked me to be in charge of everything including staffing it. It was so much work but it all paid off in the end. This was our booth. It was a corner one so I had to tweak our usual set-up but I thought it turned out really well. It was fun to work the Bridal Fair and talk to so many Brides. I was really proud of our booth.
On Sunday when we were at my parents Korv fell asleep while I was holding him! It really was so fun to hold him while he was snoozing away! I seriously love my little nephews!
Last but not least, Michaels best friend growing up got married on Thursday! We went to their sealing at the Draper Temple. It was so beautiful and we had a lot of fun spending their special day with them!
Jenny & Matt. I loved her dress. They are a lot of fun!

He was wearing pink socks! They were awesome.
They had their reception at Thanksgiving Point. It was beautiful. We got to sit by our friends Lydia & Stephan. They are hilarious and we had so much fun!
This is Lydia. This girl is seriously awesome. Every time we hang out with them we just have so much fun and just laugh till our checks hurt! Love ya girl.
The 3 Chicas!
And that's all the adventures we've embarked on lately! I am sure there will be many more to come, and eventually I will get them on here so stay tuned!


The Steeves said...

Your birthday and anniversary looks soooo fun! The wedding was a blast! I wanna go to that pizza place tomorrow. I'll get a 25! Ha! I'm still super jealous you got to see them get married :(

Joe and Breana said...

Loved the blog Dillan!!! I'm glad your birthday was fun. You look so cute in all the pictures! My cute little Dillan! Your friend's wedding dress was way pretty! Keep up the blogging! Love you!